August 16-21, 2022 Laguna Seca


The Monterey Historic Races


Car week!


For those of you who are not familiar with the Monterey Historic Races and the Car Week in Monterey, it is the premier classic auto event in this country. It is home of the glamorous Concourse De Elegance held at Pebble Beach. During that one week in August, the entire Monterey Peninsula is taken over by all thing’s automobile. All the big auction houses will be there, and car shows will be everywhere. You will see the finest representations of all classic automobiles to be assembled anywhere. If you love Italian cars, don’t miss the Concourse De Italiano. Along with the hundreds of great Italian cars, they also have a fashion show. Of course, their Italian. There are just too many things going on daily to list. If you love automobiles, this event should be on your bucket list, you gotta go see it.

At the Laguna Seca Racetrack will be held the Monterey Historic races. The featured marque for 2022 will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That alone would be worth traveling to see and with all the other stuff going on, you can’t get bored.

This event has great popularity and all rooms on the Monterey Peninsula will and are selling out fast. So, you need to make a commitment now. I am looking at rooms already and we must move fast. I will try to find rooms that are reasonably priced for this special week. In Monterey, prices will be in the $250 – $300 per night range. In Pismo Beach rooms should be about $150 with the Chumash about the same. I will look for hotels that allows free cancelation and include breakfast. You will have to make your own reservations, but I will supply the needed info. Another reason we need to commit know, is that I will be making our dinner reservations for several nights and need the time to do that.

The following is the proposed itinerary:

Day 1, Tuesday 8/16/2022 we leave Temecula and go north to Oxnard and have lunch at the Olive Garden. After lunch we head north to Pismo Beach and stay at the Cottage Inn By The Sea. Dinner will be at McLintocks.

Day 2, Wednesday 8/17/2022, we travel north along old Hwy 1 to Nepenthe for lunch and then on to our hotel in Monterey. The hotel will be determined after we have final count. Dinner at The Monterey Fish House.

Day 3, Thursday 8/18/2022 , open to explore the Monterey, Carmel area. Early dinner at the Baja Cantina. They have a hot rod show at this restaurant, music and lots of historic stuff to see.

Day 4, Friday 8/19/2022, track opens, practice and qualifying begins for all class of cars, or whatever you want to do. Early dinner at Tarpys Roadhouse.

Day 5, Saturday 8/20/2022,  Qualifications and practice continues at the track or whatever you want to do. No planned lunch but dinner at The Rio Grill.

Day 6, Sunday 8/21/2022, Race Day. Race goes on into evening, so no dinner arranged. There is food at the track.

Day 7, Monday 8/22/2022, head for home and for those who don’t want to do the whole drive in one day, we can stay at the Chumash Casino and have dinner at the Hitching Post in Solvang.

Day 8, Tues, 8/23/20, head for Temecula.

Now, to accomplish all the above I will need FIRM COMMITMENTS by September 12, 2021 so that I can make restaurant reservations and secure hotel prices. This may seem like it is a rush, but the event is a year away and because it is so well attended, hotels are already booking up.

If you are going, contact me directly.

So, think it over, look at your calendar, and let me know if you are all in.

Your obedient servant,

Glenn Crowther