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Hosted by Jim Sommars


We meet at 9:30 AM leaving at 10:00 AM SHARP!


As this is a Mystery Lunch Run the route and menu is a “MYSTERY”
The run will be 1 hour one way
and No bathroom break
We can’t do Del Mar this year
but we can do a picnic, so please bring your own lunch.
Bring paper towels, napkins, trash bag and something to drink.
There will be picnic tables but you may want to bring a chair.
If you want to, bring some games that can be played
in an outdoor setting, go for it.
Jim will have the NCCC Waiver form
which must be signed to attend the event.
Masks are required while meeting in the parking lot
and please keep 6 feet apart.
Deadline for reservations is 07/19/2020.

Please RSVP

Jim Sommars sommvette@gmail.com 

or call Jim at  951-304-3625  


Don’t Forget, New Parking Place!


new mlr loc


(This is VERY, VERY Important!)

RSVP By Sunday, July 19th

We are having problems at the Restaurants

because some members are not

RSVPing for Themselves or their Guests.

We’d Love To Have You There…. but,

Our MLRs have a lot of attendees.

We can’t just show up with more

folks and expect to be seated.

You need to RSVP.