NCOCC 42nd Plastic Fantastic







The New C8 was there – Without Bodywork


Corvette Announced the Only C8
Color that will be Available


And Marilyn & Doug Were there
Signing Up Caravanners



Sunday May 19, 2019

It was a much more “intimate” group from COTV than in past years and did not put us in the running for the prize for club participation which was won, of course, by Pacific Coast Corvettes and Simi Valley Corvettes.

Rob and Daryl and Dave were waiting by the side of the road on Kettner and led the rest of the group into the park. Due to the impending rain storm several members (Chuck Calagna and Gary Miranda) opted not to come down for the event. Bill Stedfield had car problems, although he said his car was clean and ready. Curt Stevens had become a regular at Urgent Care so was unable to make it either. That meant there were 7 cars and 12 members registered and among the first cars to get in the gate. That allowed us to get a primo parking area. Doug and Marilyn had their own spot near various vendors and the raffle booth so they could make their best effort to add cars to the list going on the NCM caravan. Mike Re attended his first Plastic Fantastic.

Unfortunately, just after everyone had cleaned their cars again, the sky opened up. We had a series of light showers and then some heavy rain. Because of the weather, overall attendance was probably 50% of registration. Then as the rain came back on and off, about 50% of those who came started to leave. As we all found out it did give us a better chance at winning raffle prizes. However, it was disappointing for North Coast Corvettes who put so much time and effort into organizing the event.

We all voted our ballots and went over to Harbor House for our annual lunch, but this time indoors. By the time we got back at 12:15 they were moving the raffle drawings up and planned on giving out the prizes just after 1pm. Rob and Daryl were the last of the COTV members so watched to see if they needed to collect trophies for anyone in the club, but alas it was not our lucky year.

As this is being written later in the afternoon, the sun is out. No matter what happened with the weather or the prizes, we had a good time together at Plastic Fantastic for another year.

Pics from Fritzi & John

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Pics from Daryl & Rob 

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