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COTV Goes on a “Sommars Special”


….a Nice Long Run


Jim Sommars has always thought our lunch runs are too short. (As he said at lunch today, we could do one to Mexico and he would like that.) So he and Diane volunteered to lead one so they could go the distance and they talked their co-hosts, Armando and Patricia Diaz, into being their partners in crime. 

The first surprise of the day, especially for those of us who have traveled with Jim and Diane for years, was that they arrived at 9:22 a.m. even before the appointed meeting time of 9:30 a.m. Another surprise was the arrival of a familiar red convertible with its new owners, Bob Smith and Rose Streets, instead of its previous owners, Doug and Marilyn Glenore. Then we had some completely new “drive-ups”, Manny and Diane Macedo, formerly of Canyon Lake and now of Menifee in their pewter convertible, and Paul and Nick Kakis, of Canyon Lake, in their red C6 with the “Lambo” doors. Hopefully, both cars will become fixtures at future runs and we will have a bunch of new members. We had a number of relatively new faces among the crowd like Chuck Isenberg and also some less familiar folks, like Ed and Marie Filardo, who don’t make it on every run. We also had a significant number of C7s in the group- Sommars, Lenz, Wells, Boers, Ferrugia, Weeks, Rash, and probably more that have escaped this aging memory. Seems that Chevrolet has a real hit with this new generation of Corvette. Joe Priebe’s new Z06 is in his garage, with the help of Bill Steed and Mike Grayson, even though Joe and Rosemary are in Europe. The Crowthers and the Webers are still holding off for a little while on theirs. 

After the usual social chit-chat and hugs and kisses and tutorials on MLRs and walkie-talkies to the newbies, a group of about 20 shiny Corvettes headed out on 79 eastward. The whole drive was an exercise in futility for those of us who have been doing these runs for a long while now. Every time we guessed where we were heading, the hosts made a turn in the opposite direction. So we took 79, thinking maybe we were heading to Julian or maybe even to Borrego Springs, but then made a left on 371. Then we were definitely on our way to Palm Dessert, until we turned left on State Highway 74 and then right onto 243. Now we figured it would be lunch in Idyllwild, until we drove through town and kept on going. We headed down the hill and could see Morongo Casino in the distant haze, so there was another possibility. Until we went through Banning and got onto I-10 westbound. Now, we became the “clueless suckers” that Jim and Diane and Armando and Patricia took us for. We got off at Oak Valley Parkway and after some twists and turns through a residential area, ended up at the Morongo Golf Club. Surprise! Surprise!

The Club had set aside a separate area for us with a salad and sandwich making station and coffee, iced tea and soft drinks. Those who wanted something a little stronger after some of the winding roads and the loose gravel hitting those new C7s, were able to go to the bar and partake. After lunch, everyone was on their own heading homeward. Some will be spending time during the week cleaning the grit off their cars in preparation for the COTV Car Show next Sunday, May 3, at the Promenade. Then we will see all those nice shiny Corvettes again! 

Many thanks for the Sommars’ and Diazes efforts in preparing this Run. Special thanks to Armando for making the two Corvette prizes – see the photo of the Corvette art in the handmade “shadow boxes.” Maybe you will win one at another event, but you have to turn up to win. You can only hope!