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It Was A Great PARTY!

At Precision Alignment & Brake in Temecula

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Scot ‘O Dittmer, his Wife Stephanie & Family,
Proud Sponsors of COTV,


Invited Corvettes of Temecula Valley, the
Drifters Car Club & the Axle Draggers to the 3rd Annual,


Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Sodas were grilled
by the Big Irish (For a Day) BBQer himself,
Scot O’Dittmer

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The DJ was Spinning Tunes, well….punching computer
instead of keys on the Big Whurlitzer


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Third Annual Precision Alignment and Brake Customer Appreciation Day

March 16, 2019

Almost Saint Patrick’s Day!

We appreciate Scott Dittmer and Precision Brake for being such a great sponsor for COTV and we make an effort to do as much business as possible with him in return, taking both our Corvettes and our other vehicles for various services. Scott has started a new trend, by reversing things and having a Customer Appreciation Barbecue for COTV and the Drifters. He opens up his service area and brings in a major barbecue grill to provide hot dogs, hamburgers and all the drinks. The two clubs provide the side dishes and desserts, generally enough to feed all of Temecula. Scott also somehow finds enough “spare time” to make a number of items of “horseshoe art” and license-plate bird feeders to use as raffle prizes after the feeding frenzy is over.

Scott set up a number of hot rods and even Corvettes on display in the service area and had a beautiful Pantera there, which was started up periodically, to everyone’s delight. Various Corvettes and hot rods were arrayed in the front, side and back parking areas for everyone to look at. Our own Glenn was the DJ, as usual, and had his son, Mark, along to help set up the equipment. Skip arrived early to help out and went on an ice run. Daryl and Marilyn W. were enlisted to help get all the side dishes and desserts unwrapped and cut and managed to finish just before the hungry hordes stampeded over them.

COTV had a good turn-out. We were glad to see some faces we haven’t seen as much lately: John Olivas and Linda Wilson, Manny Macedo (hopefully recovered from his January health issues) and Bob Smith and Rose Streets. Other members in attendance included Leo Biller, the Crowthers (father and son), the DeMarcos, the Glenores, Dave Hellman, Skip Hipp, Jim Lokken, Mike Marty and Diane DeFigh, John McDermott, John Meyer, Bruce Mofford, Joe and Barbie Orsini, the Randalls, Mike Re, Marti Schoeman, Don Sforzini and his friend Diane Jensen, Chuck Sherman, the Sommars, the Stevens, the Thackwells, the Watsons, the Webers and the other Weber, Lisa, and Roger Johns.

At 2pm, the sale of raffle tickets ended and the calling of winning numbers began. Right off the bat, COTV had a winner with Glenn. This was followed by: Daryl (horseshoe sunburst), John Meyer (bird feeder), Linda Wilson/John Olivas (6 various items), Ted Carli (horseshoe art), Doug (another bird feeder), Marilyn G. (horseshoe dragonfly), Bruce (horseshoe cactus), and Barbie Orsini (horseshoe shamrock.) Then came the big prizes and COTV was a BIG winner. Doug and John Meyer each won a $150 gift certificate from Precision. The final winner was Joe Orsini who won the 50/50, a total of $152.00.

All in all it was a great day with great weather for a change, great food and great conversation with a group of like-minded, car-oriented folks. We want to send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Scott and Chris Dittmer and their staff for hosting such a fun event and also to the club representatives who did a lot of the work on our side.


Pictures from Darlena & Curt

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Pictures from Daryl & Rob

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