Once Again, on an MLR, we did NOT See A C8 
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But I’m Positive that is John Meyer wearing a Guy Fawkes Vendetta mask Ridin’ Shotgun!


It Was Hosted by Skip Hipp



Mystery Lunch Run

February 24, 2019

As Skip, the Master of Mystery himself, wrote on his secret direction sheet, today’s run was a “drive through green countryside.” After weeks of what seemed like horribly cold and wet weather (never mind the really horrible weather in the rest of the country!), the sun broke through and the shorts came out of the men’s closets again.

We moved our meeting place over slightly, still the same shopping center, but slightly away from Kohl’s so as not to block their customer parking. By the time we were ready for departure, the count was 32 cars and somewhere around 56-58 people. (Just as a reminder, please send your RSVP to the MLR host(s) since he/they have to work with the restaurants to fit in our large group and also our cars. If you have to cancel, please also let the host know. It is difficult to work with a constantly changing cast of characters!)

Let’s see who was there! We had real new first-time guests, George and Laura Hicks, who had heard about us from one of the members and were lucky to arrive just in time to tag along at the end of the group for the run. Chuck Sherman brought along a familiar co-pilot, his brunette daughter, Debbie. Marti Schoeman also brought along a familiar face, her brother-in-law, Patrick and even let him drive. Doug Glenore was busy with tax season, so Marilyn was accompanied by her grandson, Aaron, (their son Steve’s younger son) but he didn’t get to drive. Lynn Vara had a passenger in her new Traverse, their 4 year old foster daughter – she didn’t get to drive either. Bachelors included Skip, John Meyer who acted as his co-pilot, Dave Hellman, Jim Sommars, Bill Stedfield, Leo Biller, Jim Lokken and Don Sforzini, the last two in their orange cars. Norm Craig came without Ronette, but brought along Eric and Missy who have joined us several times in their burnt orange Corvette. We had a lot of orange this month!

The run itself was a nice undulating drive along Highway 79, through the greenery, with snow dusting the tops of the hills all around. The manager at Warner Springs likes seeing all our cars in the parking lot so we used their lovely bathrooms once again midway. Our foodie destination was not too much farther along. We just curved around the hills and then turned east on Highway 76 to The Round-Up Grill across from Lake Henshaw. Our group joined the motorcyclists and other car enthusiasts for choices from a large menu of sandwiches, burgers, Mexican, salads and barbecue.

Some tables were served earlier than others, so everyone left as they were finished and headed home on their own routes, either back the way we came or looping around the other way on 76 into Pala. What a great time was had by all – lots of smiles, hugs, jokes and plenty of food. Thanks, Skip, for planning our lovely ramble through the hills while they were still so green!


Pics from Teresa & Simon

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Pics from Wes