Hosts: Terry and Wendy Converse / Steve and Marsue Page


A Change in the Weather

After the almost summer-­like weather of the last week or so, it dawned cool and gloomy for the folks heading out on the February 2015 Mystery Lunch Run. We can’t forget that Corvettes are cars after all and they won’t melt or wash away. They are meant to be driven and sometimes that means driven in the rain!

About 40 members and 20 cars gathered in the Kohl’s parking lot for the usual period of catching up, chatting and exchanging hugs, before Terry and Wendy Converse called the drivers’ meeting and handed out the sealed envelopes. Our route this time was out Redhawk and Wolf Valley, to Pechanga Parkway and onto Pala Road. We went through the reservation, turned East onto Pala Mission Road and then onto CA 76 East, winding our way through the growing grounds and orchards until we ran into Hwy 79 South. At Santa Ysabel, we turned up the hill onto 78 East towards Julian and then Terry bluffed us as he led us through Julian, faked a wrong turn and took us back down the same road until we pulled into Jeremy’s On the Hill in Wynola.

Maybe you could call Wynola a “suburb” of Julian, if there were such a thing. Jeremy’s is a farm to table kind of restaurant, run by 24 year old Jeremy Manley, the chef, and his mother. The Manleys were kind enough to let us pretty much take over the whole dining room and even to use the staff restroom when the line got too long at the customer one. If you would like to know a little more about this restaurant, check out their website, The last picture on our photos is of Jeremy and his mother. Terry and Wendy had arranged for us to have our own menu of 5 different dishes to select from, ranging from hamburgers to fish and chips to sandwiches and a salad/lobster bisque combination. Nobody left hungry and it was a very creative menu as well.

We all left in splishes and splashes and headed back home on a number of various routes. We saw Ray and Judy make a pit­stop at Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Ysabel on the way home and there may have been others in the parking lot as well. The rain did not dampen our enthusiasm and we had our usual fun time in a new place for many. See you next month!