1-29-2017 MLR651-29-2017 MLR80

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect for getting the corvettes out and enjoying fellow enthusiasts for a nice ride followed by good food. Grace and Charlie Stell made sure that the occupants of the 40 cars enjoyed both. The day started with our usual meet-up at the Kohls parking lot where Charlie gave us a brief rundown of what to expect and introduced our visitors and guests. Among the guests was Steve Tidwell, a neighbor of COTV member Joe Priebe. Steve had never owned a corvette, but decided, last December to buy one. He found a 1963 split window that was on the east coast, bought it and had it shipped here, sight unseen. It proved to be a diamond in the rough as you will see in the pictures below. Just look for the beautiful, gold split window coupe. Also visiting was Joyce and Gary Downing who recently moved here from Nashville and are looking for some corvette fun in their beautiful, silver, C7. Joining us as well was Victoria and Jason (whose last name I missed) who added to the days enjoyment. Bruce Mofford also brought a new friend that he met at the VA hospital. Before we departed, Steve Ditmer, owner of Precision Alignment (one of our sponsors) stopped by to invite us to a BBQ at his business on march 18. Flyers are available from Bill Stedfield.  Well, back to the lunch run-we headed down Pechanga pkwy and across to old hwy 395, then south through beautiful green scenery to San Marcos, where we stopped at Phil’s BBQ for lunch. The staff was very pleasant and catered to our needs promptly. Our group was so large that we exceeded the seating on the patio so some dined inside. It was a well planned, fun event for which we owe gratitude to Grace and Charlie.

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